Billion Dollar Brows - BDB Tweezers

Billion Dollar Brows - BDB Tweezers From BeautiLicious Lash Studio
Billion Dollar Brows - BDB Tweezers From BeautiLicious Lash Studio
Billion Dollar Brows - BDB Tweezers From BeautiLicious Lash Studio

BDB Tweezers


Pure precision! The official tweezer of Billion Dollar Brows Salon! bdb’s brow artists tweeze a lot of brows. That means their tweezers HAVE to be perfect.

Stainless steel and specially coated, these are the only tweezers that can meet our artist’s extremely high standards. Guaranteed to grab every hair, every time. Say goodbye to thin, crooked, cookie-cutter brows...FOREVER!

A wonderfully made tweezer at a great price, they get the brow hairs (even the short ones) with ease. The brow experts at Billion Dollar Brows give you the complete package in a tweezer.

Slanted tips to grasp hair easy Comfortable flat body design Stainless steel. A lot of people think, a tweezer is a tweezer and buy whatever happens to be at the drugstore. They couldn’t be more wrong.

What exactly makes a tweezer great? Well, first and most importantly it needs to easily pull out hairs, even rather short ones without breaking the hair or simply sliding off. Billion Dollar Brows tweezers pass the test with the help of its slanted tip and special coating to grasp hairs.

A tweezer should be comfortable in the hand and easy on the fingers. Just think, if you do an entire brow shaping (get step-by-step) it could take a half hour or more. Another test passed with the flat body design.

What good would a tweezer be if it didn’t last long or stand the test of many ‘pluckings’? More points here. Constructed of stainless steel and specially coated, Billion Dollar Brows tweezers are made to last through many eyebrow clean-ups and being tossed into your make-up bag. Although they do come in a little plastic case that I recommend for storing to protect the tips and prolong their life.

The company makes more than tweezers, but other products for the eyebrows like powder, brushes, gels and hi-lighters. You can visit a brow artist at the Billion Dollar Brows salon in Beverly Hills, California or the Brow Bar inside Kim Vô Salon, The Mirage Las Vegas for a professional brow shaping.

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